Creating a Leaf using 3ds Max Opacity Pt.2 - Free 3D Model

Creating a Leaf using 3ds Max Opacity Pt.2

creating leaf in 3ds max

This is the Part 2 of this tutorial, let's continue to step 8. If you missed the Part 1, just click here.

8. Browse and open the desired bitmap.

3ds max bitmap

9.Still in ‘Material Editor’, scroll down and expand the ‘Maps’ roll out, click the ‘Opacity’ button and select ‘Bitmap’.

vray material

10. Browse and Open the desired ‘Opacity Bitmap’.

vray opacity

11. Do the same step to insert a bitmap for ‘Bump’.

3ds max material

12. Now we are ready for the ‘Material’, go to perspective view, select the plane and assign the material to the plane. Check the ‘Show Map in Viewport’ button.

modeling 3d leaf

13. Still on ‘Perspective’ view, select the plane and click the ‘Modify’ tab. In a ‘Modifier List’, scroll down and select ‘UVW Map’ modifier.

uvw map material

14. Set the ‘UVW Map’ parameters. Turn ‘Mapping’ into ‘Box’, and change the ‘Alignment’ in to ‘Z’, then click the ‘Fit’ button 1 time.

vray material
Fig. 14
15. Go to perspective view, and hit render. For the default Vray render setting, the result is below in Fig.15

3d leaf with opacity
Fig. 15

16. For more realistic result, you have to add a light and set up the render setting. Here the result below in Fig.16.

creating leaf with opacity

17. Well...that's the end of this tutorial, just write a comment below if you have any question. Thanks, enjoy your day :)

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