Creating V-Ray Glossy Material - Free 3D Model

Creating V-Ray Glossy Material

v-ray glossy material tutorial

         In this simple and quick tutorial I’m gonna show you how to creating a glossy v-ray material, I use 3ds max 9 and V-Ray 1.5. Let’s go the step 1.

1. Create a new V-Ray Material.

v-ray glossy material tutorial

2. Change the ‘Diffuse’ color to what ever you want, in this tutorial I turn it to red. Activate the ‘Background’ button.

v-ray diffuse color

3. Change the ‘Reflect’ color to white, click box button beside the reflect color box, then choose ‘Falloff’. See the figure below (Fig.3).

reflection v-ray material

4. Leave the falloff parameter by default, then back again to main material.

fall off v-ray material

5. Change these parameter, change the ‘Hilight glossiness’ value and turn up the ‘Subdivs’ value to get a smooth material.

v-ray glossy material tutorial

6.  Now we have this material, it's fully gloss.

v-ray glossy material tutorial

7.  That's it..thanks all.