Creating A Plastic Chair with 3Ds Max Pt.2 - Free 3D Model

Creating A Plastic Chair with 3Ds Max Pt.2

creating a chair using 3ds max

Hi.. this is the the < Part 2 > of this tutorial, if you missed the < Part 1 >, just click < here >.

9.Go to 'Perspective' view, change the 'Vertex' selector in to an 'Edges' selector, then select these edges (See Fig. 09). You can do it by select one edges, then hit 'Loop', so you don't have to select the edges one by one.

making chair 3d

10.Scroll down and pop up the 'Edit Edges' tab, then select 'Chamfer'. Chamfer these selected  'Edges' with an amount 0.5 one times.

basic 3ds max modeling tutorial
Fig. 10

11.Go to 'Right' view, on a 'Modifier List' drop down menu select 'FFD 4x4x4' modifier.

3ds max modeling
Fig. 11

12. Modify the 'FFD 4x4x4' control points by move it up and down, right and left, until we have this shape. See Fig.12.

3ds max FFD modeling
Fig. 12

13.Convert to an editable poly and apply the 'Turbosmooth' modifier with 'Iteration' 1.

modeling a chair with 3ds max
Fig. 13

14. That's the end of the part 2, see you at the part 3. In the part 3 we're gonna create the leg.