Modeling a USB Flashdisk Pt. 2 - Free 3D Model

Modeling a USB Flashdisk Pt. 2

3d realistic modeling

Welcome to Part 2 of this tutorial. In this part we're gonna create the body of the usb disk. If you missed the Part 1, just click <here>. Let's go to step 1.

1. On the top viewport, click shapes and create a 'Rectangle', set its parameters : Length : 35, Width : 18, Corner Radius : 0.

3ds max rectangle
Fig. 01

2. Convert the rectangle to an editable spline by right clicking it and then select convert to: convert to editable spline.

3ds max editable spline
Fig. 02

3. Select the ‘Spline’ and click the ‘Modify’ tab. Choose a ‘Segment’ spline selector and select the top segment. 

3ds max spline
Fig. 03.

4. Scroll down and ‘Divide’ the top segment become 2 segment. See Fig.04.
divide 3ds max sketch
Fig. 04.

5. Turn to ‘Vertex’ selector, select the new vertex and pull up. See Fig. 05.
vertex 3ds max sketch
Fig. 05.

6. Select these two vertex, and ‘Chamfer’ it with an amount 1.

spline chamfer 3ds max
Fig. 06.

7. Go to ‘Perspective’ view,  scroll down the ‘Modifier List’, then select ‘Extrude’. Extrude the ‘Spline’ with an Amount : 9 and Segment : 4.
extrude 3ds max object
Fig. 07.

8. Still in  ‘Perspective’ view,  convert the object to an ‘Editable Poly’ by right clicking it and convert to an ‘Editable Poly’.

editable poly 3ds max
Fig. 08.
9. Select these 4 edges.
editable poly edges
10. ‘Connect’ these 4 edges into a 6 segment.

editable poly connect
Fig. 10.

11. Select these edges and delete it by pressing ‘Ctrl+Backspace’.

3d modeling in 3ds max
Fig. 11.

12.Change into a ‘Polygon’ selector, select the polygon in the middle, and 'Inset' it with an amount 0.3.

inset 3ds max
Fig. 12.

13. Select these ‘Polygons’ and ‘Extrude’ with an amount 3, and click an ‘Apply’ button four times.

extrude 3ds max polygon
Fig. 13.

14. Still in ‘Perspective’ view,  now we have this shape.

perspective 3ds max viewport

Fig. 14.

15. That’s the end of Part 2. For finishing the detail, I’m gonna make it in Part 3. Se you there!