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V-Ray Edge Faces Rendering

This time  I‘ll show you how to render an object and show its edges. There’s another method to do it but I’m gonna make it with V-Ray Renderer. Lets go to step 1.

1. Create a scene. For this tutorial,  I make a teapot, a cylinder, and a sphere as an objects to render. Sure you can use another object as you wish. 

 Pic. 01

2. Go to Material Editor, and create a new Vray Material.  


3. In a ‘Basic Material’ tab, click the ‘Diffuse’ box button, its gonna pop up the ‘Material/Map Browser’ panel. In ‘Material/Map Browser’ panel, select ‘VrayEdgeTex’.

4. In a ‘VRayEdgesTex params’ tab, you can change the parameters. If you want to change the color of the edge lines, just modify the ‘Color’ box. For the thickness of the edge line, modify the ‘Pixels’ value.

5. Now we’ve done with the material. Assign the material to all objects.

6. Go to perspective view, add a light and set another render parameter, then hit ‘Render’. Here’s my result.


7. That all, thanks for visit.


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