Modelling a USB Flashdisk - Free 3D Model

Modelling a USB Flashdisk

modeling usb disk using 3ds max

Hallo..this is my first tutorial. This tutorial is easy for an expert 3D Max user, but its very useful for a newbie. You can learn about modify tools on poly and a little bit about splines. In the Part 1 of this tutorial, we're gonna make the flashdisk cover first. Here we go..let’s go to the step 1.

1. On the front view port, click shapes and create a rectangle, set its parameters :Length : 10, Width : 47, Corner Radius : 0.

 sketching in 3ds max

2. Convert the rectangle to an editable spline by right clicking it and then select “convert to: convert to editable spline”

modify 3ds max editable spline

3. Pick a segment selector in an editable spline modify menu,  pick a segment like shown in pic.03 and delete  it. Choose a vertex selector in selection roll out menu and select these two vertex. Fillet the selected vertex with an amount 5.

modeling 3ds max from sketch

4. Go to perspective view port, pop up a rendering roll out, check ‘enable in renderer’ and ‘enable in viewport’ option, choose a rectangular for the shape, change these values: Length:16,  Width:0.5. Convert this editable spline to an editable poly by right clicking it and choose ‘convert to an editable poly’.

 converting a 3ds max editable spline

5. Select these 4 edges and chamfer it with an amount 8 and 20 segment.

 edges chamfer for 3ds max

6. Create a cylinder, set the parameter: Radius: 5, Height:15, Sides 60. Place the cylinder like I've did. See pic 06. 

Cylinder basic model 3ds max

7. Now we’re gonna create a hole. Select the first part (or you can rename it like you want),  click create button, choose geometry and select compound object. From compound object menu, click Boolean. In pick Boolean roll out menu, check the ‘subtraction (A-B)’, then click the ‘pick operand B’ button, select the cylinder.

3ds max boolean

8. From the modify tab click on polygon icon in selection roll out menu and select the polygon below (pic 09). Inset the polygon with an amount 0.5. Change the polygon selector in to an edge selector. Pick these edge (pic 09) and move it with ‘select and manipulate’ tool in z axis with an amount 0.5.

3ds max compound object

9. Do the same way (step no 8) to the other hole, the result you can see below (Pic 10).

modeling usb disk

10. Select these edges and chamfer it with an amount 0.8 and segment 10.

chamfer modifier in 3ds max

11. That the end of  Part 1, you can see the result in pic. 11. See you at Part 2 by click  <here>.

modifying an editable poly in 3ds max
Pic. 11